We made the list

Former New Jersey CPA Larry Kabat and New York CPA Michael Schertzer establish Kabat Schertzer & Company in Kendall, Fla., with a unique focus on serving the tax, accounting and consulting needs of Florida's growing apparel and textile industries.


A New York accounting firm chooses to merge with Kabat, Schertzer & Co. to establish its presence in South Florida.


Kabat, Schertzer & Co. parts with the New York firm and continues growing its regional business.


Former "Big Four" accounting professionals Jorge De La Torre and brothers Jeff and Robert Taraboulos establish De La Torre, Taraboulos & Company in Miami.


De La Torre, Taraboulos & Company opens tax, accounting and advisory office in Kendall, FL., in the same building as Kabat, Schertzer & Co.


De La Torre, Taraboulos & Company acquires boutique Miami accounting firm and merges in a burgeoning Miami tax practice.


Kabat, Schertzer merges with De La Torre, Taraboulos & Co. to establish Kabat, Schertzer, De La Torre, Taraboulos & Co. (KSDT).


KSDT establishes Forensic and Litigation Support Practice and moves to 10,000-square-foot office space in Miami.


KSDT marks its first appearance on the South Florida Business Journal's annual list of the largest accounting firms in South Florida.


KSDT merges with a Broward tax advisory firm, opens an office in Weston, Fla., while expanding its international accounting and advisory expertise. The same year, KSDT merges with one of the largest tax advisory firms in Homestead and the Florida Keys, and establishes its second Miami office.


KSDT takes over the entire sixth floor of it's office building, expanding its space to more than 11,000 square feet.


KSDT marks its second appearance on the South Florida Business Journal's annual list of the largest accounting firms in South Florida.


  • Accounting
    In today’s fast-paced and rapidly evolving environment, you need proactive advisors who can help you stay ahead of market shifts and up-to-date with the most current issues and methods for managing your business. Our Accounti ...
  • Assurance
    Members of KSDT’s Assurance Services Practice possess the knowledge, attention to detail and professional skills needed to provide government agencies and your lenders, investors and vendors with confidence in the accuracy of yo ...
  • Tax
    Kabat, Schertzer, De La Torre, Taraboulos & Co. has more than 100 years of combined tax experience serving corporations, sole proprietors, individuals, partnerships, trusts and non-profit organizations, both in the U.S. and in ...
  • Forensics and litigation support
    When accounting or auditing issues involve litigation, arbitration or mediation, they require clear, accurate and persuasive representation by qualified and licensed professionals. Our team of forensic and litigation support speci ...
  • Valuation
    Kabat, Schertzer, De La Torre, Taraboulos & Co.’s valuation professionals possess the qualification and practical experience required to value businesses, assets and other interests at stake in a range of family-planning and ...
  • Management advisory
    Businesses rely on KSDT’s Management Advisory team to provide insight, solve complex business challenges and weigh in on vital business decisions that affect operations and profits. For each client engagement, we rely on our exp ...
  • KSDT Property management
    Through our wholly owned subsidiary KSDT Property Management, LLC, we manage, maintain and lease properties for our clients with the highest levels of care and attentiveness. Our comprehensive range of offerings extends from a gui ...
  • We at KSDT & Company are proud to partner with BluePrint Wealth Alliance, LLC, an investment advisory firm offering structurally sound financial planning. 
  • Labor Unions
    We offer auditing, accounting and tax services to keep your records up to date for presentation to your membership, e-boards and/or boards of trustees. We also make sure they are in compliace with local, state and federal regulato ...