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“Those who do not continue to invest in learning, will get soon passed”

At KSDT CPA, we don’t just talk about the need for training, we do something about it.  KSDT has a dedicated Director of Learning and Development to curate custom curriculum to fit the needs of each of our staff and their professional level.

We are focused on continuous learning beyond accounting to develop the next generation of leaders who are knowledgeable, compassionate, and amazing communicators.

We understand for learning to be great, it must;

  • Be relevant
  • Be applicable
  • Be able to use/put into practice
  • Be able to repeat and improve
  • Be bite sized and incremental
  • Be personal
  • Be self-directed
  • Be supported by Management

KSDT Learning checks all the boxes!

KSDT University

KSDT University is proud to offer our staff a full learning experience from classroom, to online as well as CPE courses. KSDT has a dedicated Learning and Development department that provides tailored curriculum, one-to-one mentoring for each of our staff to align with their personal and professional goals.

In addition, live instruction, KSDT has invested in the top learning platform, LinekdIn Learning for all employees. LinkedIn Learning provides 300K videos, 24/7 access to include 700 CPE courses. At KSDT we never stop learning.

KSDT creates custom ‘learning paths’ via LinkedIn to allow each user to learn at their own pace.


The first year of any employee with a company can make or break success. KSDT365 is a custom program for all new hires in which you will meet with Director of Learning and Development at various milestone points. The goal is to establish an open relationship, ensure that the staff member has all the tools they need to be successful and to align any training/skills with long-term goals. Many staff members continue their coaching for several years and turn it into invaluable career counseling.

KSDT Grid to Growth

There is nothing more frustrating then not knowing how to get to the next level. At KSDT, transparency is a paramount. From day one, we will help outline the minimum requirements in our Grid to Growth program to help each staff member plan their own path.

The Grid to Growth is a partnership among the employee, their manager, HR, and L&D to create and oversee a set of goals to achieve the next career level.

KSDT Leadership Institute

Have what it takes to make Partner? KSDT Leadership Institute is a program to help groom the final mile for those candidates that are ready to step into a leadership role. The Leadership Institute is a year-long program in which candidates meet and work with leaders from various industries on advanced business and leadership topics.