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Is your medical practice ailing? Layoff? Furlough? Disaster Loans?Are you overwhelmed of where to begin?

KSDT Healthcare Advisory Team can help you navigate the uncertainty.  Submit a request below to reach our experts.

    “Managing change will be the new constant.”

    Kevin N. Fine, MHA, Director of Healthcare Advisory

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    Visit our KSDT COVID small business page or download our Information Guides below.

    Small Business Loan Summary

    This informational guide is designed to summarize the key Emergency Loan Programs available to small businesses, such as:

    • Florida Bridge Loan
    • Paycheck Protection Program
    • Emergency Injury and Disaster Loans (EIDLs)

    Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES)

    This informational guide is designed to summarize the key provisions of the CARES Act available such as:

    • Recovery Rebates
    • Tax Relief [Individuals/Business]
    • Emergency Loan Programs

    Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFRCA)

    This informational guide is designed to summarize the key provisions of the FFRCA Act available such as:

    • FMLA Expansion
    • Emergency Paid Sick Leave
    • Tax Credits for Emergency Paid Sick and FMLA Leave


    Director of Healthcare Advisory Services

    Mr. Fine brings more than 20 years of experience helping hospitals and health systems, physician practices, MSOs, ACOs, and other healthcare providers to improve operational efficiency, cost containment, revenue-cycle management and technology solutions while maintaining the highest levels of patient care. He was previously director of healthcare advisory services with one of South Florida’s largest accounting firms. Before that, he was the director of healthcare deals for of one of the nation’s Big Four CPA firms.

    Fine holds a master’s degree in Health Administration from St. Thomas University in Miami and a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida in Tampa. Fla.

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    Productivity KPIs

    Seeing more patients won’t always translate to more profit. In addition to total patient volume, there are other productivity-related KPIs you should monitor and manage to improve performance at your firm.

    Look at This:
    To Measure This:
    o   Charges by provider (year-over-year % change)
    o   Receipts by provider (year-over-year % change)
    o   Ratio of claims collected to fees incurred
    o   Total procedures (year-over-year % change)
    o   Number of procedures per provider and location (year-over-year % change)
    o   ROI per piece of equipment
    Trends in provider charges
    Trends in provider receipts
    Percentage of physician time that is actually billed and collected
    Trends in procedures
    Trends in procedures by provider and location
    Return on investment from medical equipment purchases

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